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Actress, Writer, Comedienne


A Great Big Room,

with a very small door...


Born and bred in New York City, summers spent in the most rural backwoods of the North Country, Julia's childhood was - contradictory...

urbane, yet a little trashy - sort of like her adult personality.


Julia will say the thing that everyone else is thinking, but may be too afraid to voice. She is equally as bold and fearless in her acting roles, writing and comedy.


Her film credits include the Scott-Free Productions feature Tell Tale with Josh Lucas & Lena Heady.

She has also appeared extensively in NYC theatre, having had the extraordinary pleasure of working with composers Jonathan Larson & Mark Hollmann, director Seth Barrish, the late Frank McCourt - and many other great talents.

She is a teacher at The Barrow Group Theater School and also a private acting/audition coach.


Training: Northwestern University, Gately-Poole Meisner program, Ecole de Mime Corporal Dramatique, Theatre de Complicite, Improv Olympic West, George DiCenzo, Jeffrey Tambor, Victoria Clarke, The Barrow Group.


Member: FAB women, SAG/Aftra, AEA


Author: The Flying Cloud, The Gift, Dumbo: Then and Now, A Lovely Afternoon for Tea, The Girls in the Yard.


Essential Question: "Why are you being so nice to me?"


Loves: Dogs, travel, spas, junk food, red wine and laughing 'till it hurts

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