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My secret love

So many of you know that my other love is guiding. Guiding is story telling and teaching, stand-up work, improv, and true communication. I love my home town, I love it's history, and I love to share that with others. Being with folks who are on holiday is a real treat, and when I touch someone in a personal way, and help them make a special memory, I am blessed. Just want to share this great review with you all!

“It was a great tour getting to know the forgotten women in history. Julia was so passionate about the tour. It was like a very fun outdoor history class with an awesome teacher. Knowing that I was from Korea and English not being the first language to me, Julia tried her best to make me not lose the track of the tour. She explained the meanings of the words which I did not understand and also told me other various background informations to really make me understand. Even though the tour was over the time due to flooding informations she had to give, she answered our questions in very much details. It felt like not just a tour but a time to really honor the forgotten women and think about them. I thank Julia again for walking freezing out in the cold and her passion. She is a true feminist. Thank you so much :)”

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