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  • Julia Ryan

New Year, New You?

Why do people say that?


I think January and February are a time of reflection and gestation - yes, perhaps we are reminded about what we want to accomplish or finish, or what we still need to do, but we must also look back and acknowledge ourselves for the good things we have done well! The goals reached, the milestones passed.

Last year I had another play produced, I shot a film trailer (playing a monstrously angry and unhappy alchoholic mother - so much fun), I taught English as second language to so many wonderful international students who have become new friends, helped build a new community garden as a charter member, co-chaired my son's school annual auction (raising about $250,000) and hosted a cabaret. We also finished long anticipated and planned renovations and repairs on our home and building, and I am studying French. J'apprends à parler Français bien.

This year I am looking forward to producing more work and maintaining the healthiest me I can, and getting SCUBA certified!


I am also doing a cool monthly photoblog ~ capturing the mood of NYC through the seasons...

Please join the list here and get your copy.

Much love to all!

Here's to a great 2015,


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